WE NEED YOU!     Come Join Our Team 

Do you enjoy History?   Do you like to meet people?    Do you have a couple of hours each week where you could Volunteer your talents and skills? 
The Bountiful Museum is looking for individuals to greet and escort people, and groups, as they come to visit. Personal knowledge of Bountiful’s History is not necessary.
Come join our team!     Come in for a visit and see what it’s all about.

EXHIBITS & DISPLAYCome  enjoy learning about the history of Bountiful and it’s people through our Exhibits and Interactive Displays.Theodore Bud Benard Profile Photo

Salute to Veterans Exhibit has a new Exhibit  featuring Theodore Bud Benard, WWII Army veteran.  Come see Bud’s Exhibit and learn about one of our local Veterans.
He started his service in August 1944.  He served in the Asia-Pacific theater during World War II.  Bud was in the 96th Infantry Division and later in active duty in occupied Philippines, assigned to the 86th Division.   Bud’s true love from a very young age was rifle shooting. Four years after returning from the war, he joined the Army Reserve 96th Infantry Division, and was a professional marksman. He has won many (too many to count) shooting awards – come and see!
He retired from the US Army as a Sergeant Major, the highest rank attainable for enlisted soldiers.

The Home and Grounds
Enjoy the beautiful home, gardens, smokehouse and other treasures you’ll find around the grounds.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial:  This memorial was originally in the Bountiful Cemetery and was dedicated in 1949.  It was moved to the Bountiful Museum and re-dedicated in 2021.  This memorial honors fallen Veterans of foreign wars. It can be found outside the building at the front, on the North side.

New Video featuring Perrigrine Sessions who first settled our community.

The VIP room:  will feature some prominent Bountiful residents including: Ivy Baker Priest, Secretary of Treasurer during the Eisenhower Administration 1953-1961;                  Bud Benard
Dr. Juel E. Trowbridge, who was a family practice doctor for nearly 50 years in Bountiful and everyone’s favorite;
James England was managing editor for the Salt Lake Tribune and received the 1956 Pulitzer Prize for news reporting about an airliner collision over the Grand Canyon. Also in our VIP room is a display featuring the two Utah State Governors from Bountiful, Charles R. Mabey and Calvin L. Rampton.

Bamberger Tours: We invite everyone to come to our museum and see our model train exhibit of the Bamberger train running through Bountiful during the 1935-40 time period and ending at the Lagoon Resort in Farmington. Bring the whole family, you won’t want to miss this!