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The Second Settlement in the Utah Territory September 1847

The history and imagery of Bountiful City, Utah. Come in to learn about your heritage.

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New Media Station

There is now a new media station located in the first room of the museum for those who wish to see the train but are unable to use the stairs. At this new media station, patrons will be able to view videos of the train.


Full steam ahead with phase 1 on our sprinklers today at the museum…great job scouts and leaders. By the way this is an Eagle project for this troop with Noah Wardle and his troop along with a great dad doing the supervising…a great big thanks for all involved.


Shauna and her husband and crew have eliminated all the vegetation from around the smoke house to make room for sprinklers and new manageable ground cover and flowers. Great job Shauna and crew.

New Monitor

Our new media monitor worked great the past couple of days for visitors to our museum…two different groups saw our model trains without going upstairs and also viewing other shows with the sound turned up for better hearing. This is going to be a great asset to our museum tours.

Eagle Scout Projects

The next two weeks we will be landscaping the area at the back of the museum with the help of three Eagle Scout projects. We could use some extra volunteers to help on this project. If you are interested please message me and I’ll get back to you on times and place. The photos show the areas as we laid them out last Saturday.
A very special thanks goes to Shauna Knighton, our museum board member who is overseeing this overwhelming project.
One troop will be cleaning out all the weeds and leveling the ground. One troop will be installing the wireless sprinkling system and another troop will install all the sod.
So if you feel you want to help out in any of these areas please let me know…many hands make things work and gets things done.
Thanks for your support, Tom

George R. Day American Legion Hall

Three years ago today I had a fantastic history day here in Bountiful…they broke open the corner stone of the George R. Day American Legion Hall here in Bountiful that was built in 1938. We retrieved the box inside the corner stone, a small copper box made by Charles Trump and soldered tight since 1938. Inside we found photos, letters and notes and 3 newspapers: the Davis County Clipper, Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune. 📷:) The hall is now demolished to make room for progress…
I understand the Legion people are scanning the contents and I’m not sure where they will be shown for public view…it would be good to have them at our museum.

Special Tour

We had a special tour tonight at the museum with about 30 descendants of Jeremiah Wiley to visit his cabin and hear his stories. They came from Idaho, Montana, Arizona and here in Utah. Fun times for this mini family reunion.

Smedley Plaque

The home where the Bountiful Museum is located is the home of James and Alice Smedley built in 1892 and they moved in on their wedding day, Valentines Day, February 14, 1892. This plaque is located on the large Bowery in the 4th North Park next to the South Davis Rec. Center and the Bountiful Jr. High School. This explains the property that was once owned by the Smedley Family.

Eagle Project

Sam Springer received his eagle award Sunday night. His eagle project was spraying a preservative coat of shellac and varnish on our Willey Cabin. Congratulations Sam, and thanks again for a job well done.

New Flower Garden

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March 14, 1863, dedication of the Bountiful Tabernacle